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SOGERV in Malawi

The Sustainable Off-Grid Electrification of Rural Villages (SOGERV) project in Malawi is aims to reduce energy poverty in rural Chikhwawa district through the electrification of households, businesses and community energy infrastructure via the deployment of sustainable renewable energy technologies (RETs).  SOGERV will study sustainable models for off-grid community energy  for rural Malawians, which has historically been a challenge.  This is an important issue in Malawi where electrification currently stands at 9% overall and 1% in rural areas.

SOGERV Malawi Map_2

What is the approach?

We will be working in 4 villages in rural Chikhwawa to engage and empower communities to operate renewable energy systems.  The villages contain public primary schools, health facilities, households and business that currently have little access to electricity.  The projects will provide services such as lighting, mobile phone charging, and supply for refrigeration that are the first step of the energy ladder.  As part of the project we plan to gather extensive data on the technical and financial performance of each community energy project in order to assist policy makers on the requirements for a scaled solution.

What technologies are involved?

  • Solar PV charging stations
  • Solar Home Systems
  • Solar Lanterns
  • Remote Condition Monitoring

What do we hope to achieve?

  • 4 sustainable community energy projects operating in Chikhwawa providing access to affordable, local, renewable sources of off-grid electrification meeting local needs
  • Production of key evidence on the approach, model, and performance provided to Department of Energy Affairs and off-grid renewable energy community in Malawi

Who is involved?

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